Yeast Infection Treatment and Prevention

Probiotics for yeast infectionYeast infection may attack the inside and outside the body.
It causes the itching, irritation, and discharge.
Yeast infection treatment and prevention can be done by conventional steps and home remedies step.

Here is the solution you may choose to treat and prevent this infection.


Yeast Infection Treatment

When you come to the doctor for this case, the doctor will suggest you to the antifungal cream or suppository.
It usually comes in the form of a cream, ointment, or suppository.
The common brand of it is One stat and Vagistat.

Some of people only need a day treatment, but the rest of them need three to seven days.
You can follow the packaging about the instruction and do not stop using it early than it should even if the symptoms are gone.

You also can use the natural remedies for yeast infection treatment and prevention.
They are tea tree oil, boric acid, yogurt, coconut oil, garlic, and more than it that you can use as home remedies.

There will be no side effects, but remember to watch the notice before using the boric acid.
Most of the home remedies may cause the irritation and burning sensation, but all of them will not make any resistance.

You can solve this infection problem naturally and the accompanying itching and irritating symptoms without the need to spend much money and energy in applying many antifungals.
It gives you the low side effects. It is lower than the antifungal side effects.

yeast infection at home treatmentIf you get this infection, remember to avoid anything contains with sugars.
You have to remember that Candida loves sugar so that you have to aware of your blood sugar level.

Even the sugar comes from the fruits, it is better to avoid it too.


Yeast Infection Prevention

How to prevent this infection is simple, you only need to watch your hygiene.
Wearing the cotton underwear will help you to prevent the vaginal yeast infection.
Tight fitting clothing, especially made of nylon and polyester can make it moist and yeast like it.
It grows in the dark ad moist places. Therefore, it is better to use the underwear with cotton lining in the crotch.

You also need to consider the products such as scented tampons or pads, certain soaps, and detergents that may irritate your vagina.
It will cause the imbalanced pH. Using the unscented items and gentle cleansers is better.

Avoid using powder and fragrance sprays in your genital area to help the pH balance.
The one that most important is the douche strategy to watch out women need against douching because it kills good bacteria in the vagina that prevent infections.

You only need to clean only the outside of vagina areas with the gentle soap and water.
Yeast infection treatment and prevention is easy to do and follow.

The symptoms may return so that you should check to the doctor if you need to use the medication for several months to relieve your symptoms.
It is better for you to consult more to the doctor when the symptoms are not finished soon.

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Updated: September 17, 2016 — 03:01

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