What Causes Cold Sores You Should Know

What Causes Cold Sores You Should KnowTalking about health, we need to always be careful in every symptom that may happen in our body. One of the commonly mistaken is the cold sores. The cold sores are actually commonly mistaken by the canker sores which is actually totally different. By this reason, you should know what causes cold sores clearly so you can take the right action.

The cold sores are small sores or blister-like lesion usually on the face or the inside mouth. What makes people mistaken is actually the place where they are. The canker sores are usually in the lining of the mouth while the cold sores could be in the mouth area and face. So it could be on the palate or gums and the cheeks or chin for the face.

So what causes cold sores?

What causes cold sores are commonly by the herpes simplex type 1 or HSV-1. But it can’t be avoided that sometimes it can be caused by the HSV-2. And the HSV-2 is commonly caused by having oral sex with someone who has genital herpes. This virus sadly can’t be cured, but can be reduced for their frequency and durations by taking some actions.

What you must know with this kind of disease is that it can pass through human to human by a close contact. So you must be careful because this may be one of the reasons in what causes cold sores. This virus can be inactive even when it enters the human body. So even though it can’t be cured like we said before it can be reduced the frequency.

The signs of the cold sores.

However, the important thing is that every individual has different frequency when they have cold sores. It may occur in two or three each year. Knowing this fact, it is true that even though when a human carries this virus in his body there is a fact that it is inactive all the time. So this means that it depending on each individual.

Cold Sores CausesThere are two signs that at least we can see. The first one is that our mouth or tongue lesions. But like we said before, you don’t need to panic because it can be just a canker sores. And the second is possible swallowing difficulties. So when you have a lesion on your mouth or tongue and difficulties in swallowing you must go to the doctor to find out the truth.

The point is, because it caused by a virus there is no guarantee that a person will totally protect from this cold sores. What you need to do is always living a healthy life by consuming healthy food and vitamins. And also keeping the something hygienic is the best thing we can do.

And because each individual has different respond in this virus you better start to check your health routinely so you can make sure that your body is in a healthy condition. So eat good foods and stay healthy!

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Updated: August 3, 2016 — 01:40

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