Hemorrhoids Home Remedy for Alternative Treatments

How to treat hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid inflammation or simply haemorrhoids is a difficult condition to have. You cannot easily discharge your bowel as it is painful. Hemorrhoid is a vascular structure in your anal canal and when it becomes swollen or is inflamed, you will experience painful and stressful vowel discharge. You can also experience internal haemorrhoids, which is not painful but there is the discharge of blood.

There are many causes why you can have haemorrhoid inflammation, which include irregular bowel habits, low fiber diet, nutrition and some congenital anomalies. If you are pregnant, you are very much prone of experiencing hemorrhoids. As hemorrhoid inflammation is painful, you may want nothing about it except to have hemorrhoids home remedy.

Yes, you can practice hemorrhoids home remedies if you have the said condition. It is less expensive and you can do it more conveniently. Hemorrhoids home remedy can be done in different ways, which may include preventing the condition to worsen. This can be done by blotting your anus with white toilet paper.


Other hemorrhoids home remedy may also include the following:

Best Natural Remedies on How to Treat Hemorrhoids

1.    Relieving yourself from irritation and itching – this hemorrhoids home remedy may include taking non-prescription relievers such as antibiotics and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

How to treat hemorrhoids

2.    The use of ice for 10 minutes every day to be followed by a warm compress is also a good home remedy for hemorrhoids especially in addressing the pain and itchiness cause by hemorrhoids

3.    Taking a complete rest for a day or more is also a good hemorrhoid home remedy. In this way, you should not stand or sit for a long time as your hemorrhoid will not be irritated.

4.    Wearing cotton underwear is also proven to be an effective hemorrhoid home remedy as such kind of underwear prevents the build-up of moisture.

5.    You can also resort to a sitz bath as your home remedy for hemorrhoids. This is done by sitting on a bath of warm water thereby relieving yourself from itchiness.

Hemorrhoids home remedies is not only limited to taking non-prescription drugs or having alternate cold and warm compression. It can be done also with the use of herbal medicine.


The following herbal plants can be a good hemorrhoids alternative treatments:

1.    Lesser celandine – it can be a good hemorrhoids home remedy as it can be used as an ointment, which can be applied both internally and externally.

2.    White oak bark – this herbal plant is a good natural hemorrhoids remedy as it contains quercin whose effects are much similar to salicin or aspirin, which is good in strengthening the capillaries and veins in your anal canal.

3.    Pilewort – is a good hemorrhoids home remedy as it is known to have the capability to stop bleeding.

You should not worry much if you have hemorrhoids. It can be painful and very much uncomfortable especially if you are having your bowel. But there are hemorrhoids home remedies that can be perfect you and perhaps may offer you instant relief from the said condition. You can also resort to herbal plants as they can be also an effective hemorrhoids home remedy.

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Updated: August 21, 2015 — 12:34

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