15 Heartburn Home Remedies – Herbs and Natural Method

Characterized by a burning sensation in the stomach and right behind your breastbone, heartburn is one of the conditions that most adults experience specifically right after eating acidic, fried, or fatty foods. If heartburn is experienced and the over-the-counter medicine is not available, you can consider the following natural heartburn home remedies.

Heartburn is caused by an acid reflux that happens when the muscle allowing the food into the stomach relaxes when it should not, causing acid to go back into the esophagus from the stomach.

That causes the uncomfortable heartburn sensation. Take note, though, that it is possible to have a reflux even without the heartburn, but impossible to have heartburn without the reflux.

Heartburn Natural Treatment

Individuals suffering from heartburn can also experience various symptoms like nausea, gas, difficulty in breathing, bloating, and sour taste in the mouth and throat.

Get Rid of Heartburn With These Natural Heartburn Home Remedies


1. Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate).

As a natural antacid, with pH more than 7.0, baking soda can provide relief from the burning, gnawing heartburn sensation.

All you need is a teaspoon-full of baking soda mixed in one glass of water, and an optional few drops of healthy lemon juice. Drink it and you sure will feel instant relief.

2. Chew Gum.

Being able to stimulate the salivary glands and boost the production and flow of your saliva, chewing gum (sugar-free gum) can give relief from heartburn.

With an increased production of saliva, the acid that has accumulated in the gut is washed away more quickly. After a meal, simply chew a sugar-free gum for 30 minutes.

3. Fennel Seeds.

Fennel Seeds for Heartburn
One of the natural remedies for heartburn is fennel seeds. Simply chew fennel seeds or drink fennel seeds tea several times a day.

If you prefer the former, you need fennel seeds (2 teaspoons) and mix it in a cup of hot boiling water. Let it sit for around ten minutes. Afterward, strain it into your cup.

4. Aloe Juice.

The use of aloe goes far beyond healing sunburn. Since it has the power to reduce inflammation, it can give relief from heartburn.

Simply drink a half cup of this aloe juice before meals to calm down an inflamed and irritated tummy.

5. Mint.

With its soothing properties, mint can be one of effective natural heartburn home remedies.

To use mint to get heartburn relief, simply add a tablespoon of mint leaves (crushed) in a cup of potable water, let it sit for around 30 minutes, then drink it 2-3 times in a day.

6. Banana or Apple.

With its natural antacids, bananas can protect you from acid reflux. If you are looking for the easiest and simplest natural remedies for heartburn that can be done at home, eat one banana a day.

On the other hand, you can try eating an apple every day.
how to get rid of heartburn

7. Vinegar.

Vinegar is one of home remedies for heartburn ideal when the condition is caused by acid reflux. Although any kind of vinegar might work, apple cider vinegar is typically the most recommended.

Just add a teaspoon or two of the vinegar to one glass of potable water. Drink the solution before every meal.

8. Ginger.

Use fresh ginger to get relief from heartburn. You can use it as a spice in your cooking, make it a tea, or eat it raw.

For ginger tea, simply add a teaspoon of ginger (freshly grated into a cup of hot, boiling water and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Drink it a number of times per day. Consume it regularly.

9. Almonds.

One of home remedies for heartburn that will surely make almond lovers glad. Eat 3-4 almonds immediately after snack or meal.

Salted, roasted, or raw will work. Simply chew the nut until reduced to flour-like substance. The oil released from almonds helps calm the acid production in your stomach, hence helping ease the heartburn pain.

10. Cabbage Juice.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, cabbage juice helps alleviate numerous different digestive problems and that includes heartburn.

To make cabbage juice, simply grind cabbage (make sure it’s fresh), and two carrots in a juicer or blender and then drink a half cup of this in the morning on an empty stomach.

11. Slippery Elm.

Slippery Elm for Heartburn
This is one of the natural remedies for heartburn used medicinally for countless years to treat various types of illnesses including heartburn.

This helps thicken the stomach’s mucous lining, hence create a barrier against the acid. Just add a teaspoon of this powder to one cup of boiling hot water, then drink it at bedtime and after meals.

12. Milk.

One of the simplest heartburn home remedies that work. Just drink one glass of chilled milk, or simply consume any kind of dairy products.

This remedy works best for individuals who suffer or experience heartburn, but only on rare occasions.

13. Mustard.

Containing weak acid and lots of minerals, mustard is one of effective natural home remedies for heartburn. Consume it straight. Its alkaline properties help neutralize that acid, which may come up your throat.

Simply get a teaspoon of yellow mustard with good quality, gather a little amount of courage and consume it straight.

14. Chamomile.

A cup of chamomile an hour or a half prior to going to bed helps reduce the stomach inflammation and somehow neutralizes the acidity level.

Simply stir in a teaspoon of chamomile petals (dried), simmer it for forty-five minutes, remove it from heat, then let it soak for one-two minutes. Strain, pour it into a mug and add a bit of lemon.

15. Quit Smoking.

This is one of the ways of how to get rid of heartburn.

Smoking is considered as a double threat, as cigarette smoke will not only irritate the GI track but can also relax your esophageal muscles. Such muscle keeps the stomach acid at the place where it really belongs.


Bottom Line

Heartburn Home Remedies Complete GuidesWhat is the good thing about choosing natural remedies over the prescribed drugs or over-the-counter-medicines? Simple, with the natural remedies for heartburn, you are free from the risk of side effects that are often long term.

However, the finding which natural heartburn home remedies works best might be a trial-and-error and a daunting process.

Nevertheless, if you found the best that works for you, you sure can tell yourself that everything is worth it.

If none seemed to work and the heartburn remains persistent, however, then immediately consult a doctor to find another treatment or medication.

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Updated: October 20, 2016 — 02:03

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