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The Tripoli Clinic has great pleasure in introducing and bringing to your attention the facilities that our hospital can provide to your organization .The Clinic can receive general and complicated emergency cases for treatment with its extremely highly qualified medical staff is equipped with the latest technologically operating theatres and aftercare services

Tripoli Clinic is a paperless clinic communication between personals and departments are taking care by well organised computer network . However patients details and files can be provided as printout when needed.

Tripoli Clinic is of 80 beds capacity, fully equipped with modern equipment to the latest technology, supplies and serviced by Phillips Medical Systems and Simed International.

The Clinic is equipped with modern CT Scan , MRI, and Ultra Sound equipment together with a highly equipped X-rays department .

There are also four modern operating theatres, five individual intensive care units, individual patient wards and is complimented by a fully functional physiotherapy department.

The Clinic is able to receive and treat various types of general and emergency situations and among the examples that can be accommodated are injuries associated with the brain, spinal cord, general surgery and orthopaedic problems.

All medical specialities supported and provided at the Clinic inparticular orthopedic surgery, Rheumatology, neurology, Neurosurgery, Faciomaxillary surgery and plastic surgery.

The management of the Clinic would welcome dialogue to discuss in detail the services that can be provided to cover your organizational medical needs in Libya and would welcome your visit to the Clinic to confirm the excellent facilities that we can provide.

The Clinic implemented an occupational health and medical support program , which can be tailored to meet the requirements of the individual company, starting from providing medical staff and services to the fields ,and medical evacuation and ending with admission in our Clinic ,which will provide best services.

The concept of the program would be to provide medical facilities and treatment at the Clinic and overseas medical facilities.

The staffing and patient’s treatment will be conducted to the highest standards to the requirements of the company’s individual requests.

The Clinic will ensure that medical coverage to the highest standards and reliability is provided to individual company employees.

The Clinic is associated with Phillips Medical System and Simed International who are the main suppliers of the latest technology and equipment utilized in our specialist center in Tripoli.

Medical Care:
The Clinic can also accept complicated emergency cases for treatment with its extremely highly qualified medical staff and the latest technologically equipped operating theatres and aftercare services.

Emergency patients deemed to require specialist treatment outside Libya could be immediately transferred by air ambulance to an overseas hospital to the agreement of the employee’s company management.

Within the Clinic there is a well-stocked pharmacy, which is supplied with products from all major pharmaceutical manufactures.

The Clinic has obtained license to operate a medical supply and pharmaceutical company for importation direct from the major manufactures to supply the Clinic.

All medical records will be held confidentially in a database in the Clinic and all information relating to patients will be treated with the professional standards of medical confidentiality.

Individual medical information will not be passed to a third party unless agreed by the individual concerned.

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