Medical Evacuation


Emergency patients deemed to require specialist treatment outside Libya could be immediately transferred by air ambulance to an overseas hospital to the agreement of the employee’s company management.



Air ambulance :

Tripoli clinic has agreements with various Air ambulance evacuation services are available 24hrs A day.
The provision of this service is not tied exclusively to our medical insurance packages and is therefore available to anybody.
All aircrafts are manned by trained aero-medical practitioners and are fully equipped to the highest specifications.
Phones are manned 24hrs a day by intensive care nurses highly experienced in the transfer of sick persons in the emergency situation.
Medically escorted repatriates as seated of stretcher cases or scheduled flights can also be organized.

Road ambulance :

The ambulance services are available 24hours a day throughout the days of the week.
The ambulance is equipped with all life saving and emergency equipment which are necessary to stabilize patients, including:

  • Scoop stretcher.
  • Head and neck immobilizer.
  • Oxygen therapy unit Portable ventilator.
  • Portable defibrillator.
  • First Aid kit.
  • Various types of splints

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